The Osella company was established 25 years ago, starting by manufacturing small spraying and weeding machines.
At present, owing to a steady innovation and continuous research, the Osella company have specialized in this field proposing high quality sprayers.

Our success is shared with the users of our products that by now are present in all European and non-European markets.
From ever aimed to improvement the Osella company are surrounded with people who through work and experience have brought a steady growing turnover thanks to the continuous improving of the product in view of the environment protection.

Always aware of the markets requests we are planning next investments allowing us to assure the company’s future mainly thanks to the most precious patrimony we own: our customers.

OSELLA & C. s.r.l. - Via Vittoria, 2 - loc. Canove - 26038 - Torre de' Picenardi (CR)
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